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Originally posted at 07-04-2013 14:33
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09-07-2012 12:47
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8. Constraint



1. Create Constraint

Constraint fixes the CVs without simulating.  It carries out similar function as ‘Goal Curve’, but more variety of expressions can be made as Constraint allows you to select CVs individually.
Constraint moves with the follicle which means that it will also be moving with the character.


Select the CV (or CVs) >> FXHair >> Constrain Hair CV to apply Constraint.




2. Attributes


Soft: Sets the softness and hardness of the constraint.  ‘Hard Constraint’ will fix the CV (or CVs) irrespective of the attribute setting.  ‘Soft Constraint’ will smoothly fix the CV (or CVs) by the attribute setting.


Stiffness: Stiffness allows you to set the stiffness of fixing.  If you set the soft constraint and stiffness low, the animation will be smoother within its parameters.  The tweaking values should be between 0.001~0.01 to find the most effective outcome.


Damping: This shows the damping force of the CV.  Damping weakens most of the physical forces, and will slow down when the object moves or turns.  This attribute is useful in a situation where the slow motion technique is wanted in a scene.

Attenuation:  The Attenuation force decreases the strength of fixing the CV (or CVs).  It will be decreased more as the CV is further away from the root.



Written by Sol Kim

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