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Originally posted at 07-03-2013 16:50
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09-07-2012 12:47
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6. Goal Curve

1. Goal Curve


Hair has the power of keeping the original appearance, and it can be set through the Goal Curve in FXHair. Also, if you want to make the animation by hand, set keyframes on ‘Goal Curve’ and simulate. This will give more natural animation result rather than manually moving the simulated curves of key-frame animation.


2. Create


Select the hrSimulator1 node >> apply Attach Goal Curves >> this will create Goal Curves.
You can also delete Goal Curves by applying ‘Detach Goal Curve’.



The blue curves are the Output Curve and the yellow curves are Goal Curve.


‘Goal Curve’ copies ‘Output Curve’ on the current frame to create ‘Goal Curves’, and the curves are placed in each ‘hrFollicle’.



The Goal Curve attribute is in ‘hrSimulator’, and it can also be found in ‘hrFollicle’ so you can put different values to each curve.



Goal Attraction: is the force of the curve following ‘Goal Curve’. The value of 1 will ignore all the physical forces and follow Goal Curve. Also, you can use the graph of Goal Attraction Scale at the bottom to apply Attraction to each location of the curve. The left side of the graph shows the root of the hair, and the right side shows the tip of the hair.
Goal Damping: is the damping of the speed of the hair following ‘Goal Curve’. The higher the rate the slower the hair follows ‘Goal curve’.  You can also adjust the rate by using the graph.




Written by Sol Kim

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