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Originally posted at 07-03-2013 16:13
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09-07-2012 12:47
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4. hrSimulator node


1. hrSimulator node


The hrSimulator node is the most important node which works as a solver node that simulates the curves and also, it works as a rebuilder that makes the output curves from input curve information.

Therefore, it is good to set up the hrSimulator before starting the work.



2. The main attributes

Resolution : this determines the number of segments that forms the output curves. If the number of segments changes, the shape of curves will also change. (The higher segments = Close to the input curves form) Also, the resolution influences the result of the simulation; the higher number of resolution makes the animation smoother but calculating the simulation time will increase so smoothing the animation is recommended on other attributes.


Resolution 1


Resolution 10


Length Scale: FXHair changes the physical properties depending on the length of the hair. For example, 10cm hair will have smoother motion than 1cm hair. This can be revised by Length Scale. Length Scale multiplies the Maya value so if you want to change the 1cm curve to 1m, put 100 in the Length Scale attribute. This attribute influences the overall result of physical properties so it is also good to set this up first with Resolution before starting the work.


Frame Sample: This means the number of times to calculate 1 frame when simulating, so the higher Frame Sample means more accurate collision calculation result.

Root Length: The movements near the root of hair aren’t much so when hair move, the root keeps certain amount of its original form. Root Length determines the length of the root of hair. Even though Root Length has the value of 0, the first and second CVs (curve) are automatically set as the root of hair.


Cache Name: Specifies the path where you want to save the cache. If the path is not specified, the result of the simulation will be deleted when you close the scene file so you will have to simulate the scene again next time you want to work on it. Also, it is necessary to name the Cache Name and save the cache as files.
Start Time: determines the frame where the simulation will start.
The Goal attribute functions will be explained on the Goal Curve topic.



Written by Sol Kim

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