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Originally posted at 07-03-2013 12:30
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09-07-2012 12:47
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2. Creating FXHair from Maya Hair



1. Create

- Select the polygon mesh >> nDynamics >> nHair >> Create Hair(Grid), or select the face(s) of the mesh >> nDynamics >> nHair >> Create Hair(At Selected surface points/faces) to create Maya Hair.




Creating hair from the object



Creating hair from the faces



Also, by using nHair >> Paint Hair Follicles, you can add/remove hair.



Adding hair


Removing hair



You can edit hair curves by selecting the start curves using nhair >> Convert Selection >> To Start Curves.



When you are done with styling, select the pfxHair node and apply FXHair >> Convert >> Create FXHair From Maya Hair to convert the Maya Hair to ‘FXHair’.



For ‘Maya 2013’, the nucleus node is connected. In ‘Outliner’, select the hairSystem >> Use Nucleus Solver = Off >> Simulation Method = Static (automatically changes).


You can delete the nucleus node.



The simulation starts when you play the animation.




2. The main configuration of node
This is the basic node structure of ‘Maya Hair’.


After converting ‘Maya Hair’ to’ FXHair’, FXHair node is automatically created between the Follicle and the Curve.



Therefore, Maya Hair system on Static mode works depending on the FXHair simulation result.



3. Arranging the data



Separating the nodes in specific groups depending on the purpose and feature will be convenient when you are working.  Especially, it is good to make ‘hrSimulator’ and ‘hrProperty’ as a set.


Written by Sol Kim


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