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Originally posted at 06-21-2013 15:45
IT Support
South Korea

09-07-2012 12:47
Total Posts: 97
1. Performance improvement of single cloth re-simulation under multi-cloth objects settings
- In 3.2-7, the computation time to re-simulate single cloth while other cloth objects are cached was almost same as simulating the whole cloth objects in worst case.
- In 3.2-8, re-simulating a single cloth is much faster, and the computational cost is almost same as simulating it alone. Still, the collision with the cached cloth objects are handled properly.

2. Local simulation bug fix
- If a cloth is not re-initialized, “Local Sim” exploded sometimes due to incorrect state update. This bug is fixed

3. New reference manual added
- In “doc” folder, “Qualoth.pdf” is added.
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