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Originally posted at 07-29-2014 14:14
IT Support
South Korea

09-07-2012 12:47
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Changes from 4.0-9 to 4.1-1


  1. Collision handling enhancement : Self-collision and solid-collision
    are unified to improve the collision stability.  The collision related
    attributes of qlSolver and qlCloth have changed accordingly as below.

    1. qlSolver node changes

      1. Contact Threshold has been removed.  The function of this attribute is replaced
        Thickness of qlCloth node.
        Thickness now
        applies to cloth-to-cloth collision AND cloth-to-solid collision in the same

      2. Sharp Feature Force has been removed.  This is replaced with Solid Proximity Force.  The proximity
        force is used not only for sharp features of solid or self-collision, but for
        all kinds collision. Also, the stability of collision to sharp solid features
        is improved.

      3. Proximity Criterion has been removed.  Proximity
        should be defined by each qlCloth only, not
        by qlSolver node anymore.

    2. qlCloth node changes

      1. Proximity Force is renamed as Self Proximity Force to distinguish it from Solid Proximity

      2. Intra Cloth Collision and Inter Cloth Collision check boxes are added.  Intra collision check box enables the collision handling inside the cloth
        object, and
        Inter collision
        check box enables collision to other cloth objects.  Note that these
        options are only meaningful when
        Self Collision is on.


  2. De-activated cloth re-opening bug fix : When a cloth is
    de-activated, it does not draw itself when the scene file is re-opened. 
    This bug is fixed.  Also, a de-activated cloth is updated by the cache if
    there are cache files, though it does not participated in the calculation of
    the other activated cloth objects.  The de-activated cloth draws itself as
    a wireframe even though it has any material assigned to it, to be
    distinguishable from activated cloth objects.


  3. Automatic disabling the self-collision of the welded springs : The
    springs created from
    Weld Proximate Verticesoften requires zero rest length, and it causes conflict with
    self-collision in that case. The self-collision of the vertex-to-vertex spring
    is disabled if the rest length is too small compared to the cloth thickness.


  4. Field bug fix : Maya crashed under the following condition.

    1. Connect to a field

    2. Delete the field filter

    3. Change the resolution of the cloth

    4. Re-connect to the field

    5. Set the frame samples bigger than 2, and set Simple Subsampling on

    6. Hit play à Maya crashes

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