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Originally posted at 09-23-2013 11:30
IT Support
South Korea

09-07-2012 12:47
Total Posts: 97


1.     Bug fixes

     A.     Animating the “active” attribute of qlCloth caused crash during continuous playing --> fixed
     B.      Sometimes qlCloth produces garbled geometry --> fixed
     C.      Setting the frame rate other than 24fps caused the solver not updated during playing --> fixed
     D.     “Qualoth>Create Pattern” crashed when the selected curves are parallel --> fixed
     E.      Deleting a qlPatternNode caused crash when there are remaining seams connected to it --> fixed
     F.      Unused menu commands are removed

2.     New features

     A.     “Qualoth>Convert Selection” is added.  See “Qualoth.pdf” under “doc” folder for details.
     B.      “Qualoth>Disconnect>Fluid” is added.
     C.      “Qualoth>Disconnect>Rest Shape” is added.  Manual deletion of the rest shape without this command causes
         the rest shape is not restored to the original initial shape automatically.
     D.     “Qualoth>Convert Q2013 to Q2014” is added.  This is equivalent to “qlConvert31to32” mel script.
     E.      “Qualoth>Weld Proximate Vertices” is added.   See “Qualoth.pdf” under “doc” folder for details
     F.      Qualoth.pdf (reference manual) is updated.

3.     Enhancements

     A.     Self-collision computation speed enhancement --> about 2 times faster in average.
     B.      Dynamics solver speed enhancement --> Better multi-core efficiency, AVX support --> 2~30% speed-up
     C.      The default value of “CG Accuracy” is changed to “6” from “9”.  Unless the representing cloth material is very hard,
        “6” is enough --> fewer iteration --> 50~100% speed up.

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